Aqua Fluency offers a range of services and activities with one thing in mind: the delivery of water insight and information. From water-focused editorial content generation, copy writing and technical authoring, through to publishing services and bespoke consulting, we are ready to work with our partner clients to help them reach and grow their audiences. You can see some of what we do here.

Content services

Quality content lies at the heart of any effort to engage an audience. The Aqua Fluency team can draw upon decades of experience delivering water-focused editorial. Maybe you have a website, an e-newsletter or print publication that needs regular content. Maybe you are a conference or exhibition organiser wanting to preview your event or release post-event highlights. Or maybe your organisation is involved with a project that needs to deliver an engaging synthesis report. Aqua Fluency offers the core authoring, reporting and editing skills and the wider project management expertise needed to deliver content wherever it is needed – in one-off or regular publications, on websites, and in social media. We can take on these tasks for you, or support your in-house work. We can prepare blogs and general interest articles through to undertaking more complex water-related technical authoring. But we are not just about water. See here for more about our writing services and content services.


Content needs to be delivered to its audience, and Aqua Fluency has extensive experience across the range of publishing formats. Reports, newsletters and magazines can all be designed and laid out ready for delivery in print or pdf format, followed by print and distribution management of the finished product. Websites can be created and managed, with access to the content restricted to members or subscribers, and the performance of the site tracked. And social media accounts can be set up and run as standalone activities or integrated with other published output. Aqua Fluency can provide these services directly, offer project management oversight on these activities, or partner with you to support delivery of your publishing programme. Aqua Fluency has particular expertise of providing publishing services to membership organisations, delivering core member benefits and complementing this with a coherent approach to attracting sponsors and advertisers. Aqua Fluency is the publisher of Aqua Strategy.


At Aqua Fluency, we understand water and we understand how to identify and create key messages when drawing on sometimes complex information sources. This is why Aqua Fluency is ideally placed to work with you as a knowledge partner. Added to this, we have an intimate knowledge of the water media landscape, as well as social media, marketing and corporate communications expertise.

Research & Consulting

Aqua Fluency’s mix of skills and experience means we are able to undertake research and consultancy in relation to the water sector itself and in relation to information and publishing activities in the sector. Our experience of the water sector means we can, for example, undertake inteview-based assessments to gather stakeholder input or prepare business-focused market evaluations, as well as carrying out desktop studies to assimilate diverse information sources. Alongside this, Aqua Fluency offers research and consultancy input to help you evaluate your needs and strategy across the content, publishing and communications areas in which you work and to provide project management to support delivery of your strategy.